The Horror of the Cat

*** This article was written in winter. ***

It is getting cold these days.
So today I will show you the shocking photos to blow away your cold!
... Yes, it's special feature of the horror cat!

Ragdoll Cat
First, this photo is the entrance of horror.
Mysterious cat Horon is playing with a cat toy.
His provocative expression and red tongue show the message "I'll eat you!".

Ragdoll Cat
Next photo is the grim face of Horon.
Maybe he will jump up on your back.

Ragdoll Cat
Horon in this photo is glaring at someone.
His paw is fluffy, but if he punches you, you may fly to the end of universe!

Ragdoll Cat
Horon: "I am a gentleman. Don't put the funny photos onto this blog!"

That's all for today because he is angry.
Thank you!

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posted by RIWA | Cat Diary


Partly Cat Words

Sometimes Horon speaks cat words.

Ragdoll Cat
For example, "Unna--! Unna--!" means he has a request.
That is "Feed me!" or "Give me snacks!" or "Play with me!!".

Ragdoll Cat
When he is glad, he purr like this... "Hhnn?"
The situation is when he is asked "Meal?" or "Snacks?" by human.

Ragdoll Cat
When he is not satisfied, he purr like this... "Fnrrr--!"
That means "I'm bored!" or "I got scolded!" or "What's this awful sound? (When human do the laundry.)" ... and so on.

Ragdoll Cat
When he lies, he utter "Fuu!".
After he jumped off a high place to a floor, he utter "Fuu!" too.

Ragdoll Cat
When human ask him "Food?" or "Snack?", he replies "Aa-!".
That's so cute.

Ragdoll Cat
"UaAaaa---!" means he is angry.
This photo is his angry image.

Ragdoll Cat
People speak their words, and cats also speak their words!

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posted by RIWA | Cat Diary


Loving Whisker pads

Ragdoll Cat
The theme of today's article is the whisker pads.
This is the great plan to admire the cat's beautiful whisker pads!

Ragdoll Cat
The first photo is "the whisker pads and the flattening ears".
For aiming a cat toy, his whisker pads swelled out and his ears flattened.
Maybe you can feel his pretty snort to see this photo!

Ragdoll Cat
The second photo is "the whisker pads of the lying cat".
His whisker pads seem to be soft like marshmallows.
They are absolutely beautiful!
Does he do the special skin care?

Horon: Skin care? Usually I wash my face as soon as I ate. That's all.

Ragdoll Cat
The third photo is "the whisker pads for fighting".
His plump whisker pads are full of 100 millions fighting spirits!

Ragdoll Cat
The fourth photo is "the whisker pads of the kitten".
His body is small and the ratio of his whisker pads is big.
That's cute!!
I want to present this ratio of his whisker pads and body as the golden ratio to some kind of learned society.
... I'm just thinking and may do nothing.
But if I do that, please give me a Nobel prize!

Horon: It's not possible!!

Ragdoll Cat
The last photo is "the whisker pads in a good mood".
He is happy, and I wish you all be happy!

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posted by RIWA | Cat Diary